Building Type Basics for Research Laboratories, Second Edition

A Book by Dan Watch

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has published the second edition of Dan Watch's successful book, Building Type Basics for Research Laboratories, a one-stop reference for the essential information architects need to confidently begin the programming and design of a research laboratory project, large or small. In this Second Edition, Dan Watch provides up-to-date information on a broad scope of issues that are essential to the design of government, private sector and academic research laboratories.

The book contains authoritative information on the project process, potential problems, design and concerns, and recent trends in research laboratory design, along with complete coverage of energy issues and mechanical systems, structural concerns, lighting, internal traffic, security and ADA issues.

In addition, the new edition addresses such factors as the global research marketplace; the shift from individual to team-based research; applied computer technology requiring sophisticated electronic communications systems; post-9/11 research needs and trends, including the current International Building Codes; and sustainable design.

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