Interdisciplinary Collaboration

A holistic, collaborative design culture


Today, our clients are facing an increasingly complex set of challenges resulting from transforming economic, social, technological and geo-cultural forces. Solutions to these problems require a shift in perspective and thinking. A traditional, one-dimensional approach can't solve these challenges. Instead, they require a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary approach that multiplies technology, tools and talents into a powerful force of change.

Perkins+Will is one of only a few global design firms able to solve these complex design challenges. Interdisciplinary means many talents brought together in a coordinated and powerfully-appointed way. Drawn from diverse educational, professional and geographic backgrounds, our teams combine their expertise to work across architecture, branded environments, interior design, planning + strategies, preservation + reuse and urban design. Through a holistic approach, we gather perspectives and consider every angle.

To facilitate the exchange of time, tools and talent, we place our clients at the center of an immersive, iterative and collaborative approach that draws from all our disciplines. Interdisciplinary collaboration is hard work, and we have invested in our abilities to deliver this rich process to our clients so that their design experience is elevated.